What We Do

We are passionate about helping those in the wake of unimaginable disaster.

Sometimes that means giving a backpack full of love to a child that lost everything. Or working to help homeowners clean up what the disaster has destroyed. Or being there to listen and to love on broken hearted people as they face a new reality.

Whatever it mean, we go with the love of Jesus Christ and help those who have no hope to come to know and understand the hope found in Jesus.


“Hope Pack” Backpacks for Children affected by Disaster

Our  biggest current project is collecting and distributing backpacks to children affected by disasters.

            In the Backpacks are:

 Children’s Bible


Journal and Colored Pencils

  Crayons, Markers and Coloring Sheets

  Games, small toys and other fun items

These backpacks give children who lost everything a sense of hope and healing as they begin to rebuild their lives and come to terms with the new normal that they face.

 Along with the backpacks, our distribution area is open to children and their parents daily to talk, color, play, pray and get away for a moment from the cleanup and stress of a disaster area.  We also are in the planning stages of providing outings and day activities for the children and their families to give them a sense of normal back! We want our ‘I Know Hope” Tent to be a place of comfort and escape and a safe place to work through the emotional trauma brought on by disasters.

spirtual and emotional care

Spiritual Care and Emotional Care

In everything we do, spiritual and emotional care is vitally important to each and every person we encounter in a disaster zone. The weight and stress of enduring a disaster, surviving, and then facing the future without their home and possessions difficult, stressful and draining. A hug from a stranger lets them know they aren’t going through it alone, that they are loved and supported.

Sometimes, there are no words to say, and we just embrace them in prayer and give their struggle over to the Lord who can heal all wounds. Together, we stand side by side with them, meeting the hurdles and helping them gently to the other side with love and compassion.

By sharing the gospel and leaving them with a Bible, we ensure that their future is in the hands of God and that He will continue to guide and protect them, long after we are gone.

physical care

Physical Care

When a disaster strikes, and your home is destroyed, sometimes the sheer magnitude of the work needed to bring it back to life is the most overwhelming and stressful factor. We work to remove that burden by getting dirty and providing the physical labor needed to get their home ready for the rebuilding stage. Whether that is removing mud, soiled items and building material in a flood, sifting through ashes to pull out possessions in a fire or to remove the debris after a tornado, we work to help the homeowner start to envision the future and take some of the burden off their shoulders of the massive amount of work it takes to recover from a disaster.

its all about hope

It’s All About HOPE!

In every disaster and for every person in that disaster, the needs are different. Sometimes, people have an amazing support group of family and friends but need someone to do the relief work. Sometimes they have volunteers to do the work, but need someone to hold their hands and talk through the trauma with them. Sometimes, they don’t have either.

We are passionate about meeting the needs of everyone we can, in anyway we can. We use the previous three models as our guide, but follow the Lord’s calling in helping however and whenever we can, even if that looks different than we have ever done before.

When we arrive in an area, hours or days after a disaster, the feeling of hopelessness can fill the air. We do everything in our power to make sure that when we leave a town, they turn from having no hope to knowing hope!


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